324ftp 1.32

Easy-to-use FTP client


  • Very lightweight
  • Nice visual interface
  • Displays status and available memory


  • Lacks advanced options


Mobile Internet connection are starting to speed up to the point where transferring reasonably large files is becoming viable. Perhaps the easiest way of transferring data between your phone and the Internet is to install an FTP client.
324ftp provides an accessible solution with a very clear interface.
As is the norm with decent PC FTP apps, the GUI is split neatly into two panes - an Explorer-style window for displaying local files, and another panel showing the existing FTP connection and the file structure on the remote machine.
Downloading and uploading is a doddle with this program and these functions can be performed with the mere click of an icon. 324ftp clearly displays the connection status and the amount of free space on your handheld.

One of the best things about this application is the fact that it uses little in the way of system resources, making it viable to run other software while it transfers data in the background.
In terms of uploading and downloading, the client is only as quick as your connection speed, which almost certainly means it's pretty slow.
Although it doesn't have the sheer number of file transfer options you'll find on many Windows-based FTP clients, the sacrifice pays off as it makes 324ftp a very streamlined client that doesn't hog your processor.

324ftp is an FTP server designed to upload and download data via the Internet. The Remote window and the Local window can be switched by the tab control, and even with a small screen size it is easy to operate.



324ftp 1.32

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